Short Reflection on the Taylor Issue

In a world filled with “From Adele to Taylor Swift, how fast can you move on?“, slut-shaming, and hate, let us take a moment to ponder upon some reasons why we should probably stop judging Taylor Swift’s make out sesh with Tom less than a week after the announcement of her breakup with Calvin. Maybe Taylor […]

What We’re Like

Have you ever heard Of how mathematics Tells the saddest love stories? Of the perpendicular lines That met once Then never again? Of the parallel lines That are exactly like the other But won’t ever meet? Or of the asymptote That can come so close Yet can never touch the curve? I just thought that maybe What […]

Falling For Someone You Can Never Have

As you keep on swimming, you come across tunas, clownfishes, seahorses, and even sharks. Surely, each of them has something that sets them apart from the rest. There is something about each of them that interests you, makes you wonder, or maybe scares or bothers you. But you don’t really notice. Or maybe you just don’t really […]

Why Valentine’s Day is For Everyone

Most of those (well, us) who belong to the “single” population have this natural disdain for Valentine’s Day. We despise that time of the year when romance is felt all around, when people who have found love are celebrating their bond. Why? For one, display of romantic affection, when overdone, is somehow irritating. But the […]