Shared classes Different years You, wearing glasses I, hiding fears Somewhere I never Was ever supposed to be Life had again, however Played its game with me A sea of foreign faces And it’s yours I saw Cold as winter is The ice began to thaw Although already sure Of another doomed end Your question, […]


It has been almost four months since I last posted, and it could be long before I post something again. There’s still a lot that’s been going on in my life, of course. These roller coaster moments usually propel me to write, which apparently I can’t seem to do this past year. I just cannot […]


I saw Jerrold Tarog’s Bliss about a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. Aside from its dauntlessness and its being tastefully made and well-acted, I can somehow identify with Jane. My every waking moment…                 where I am 100000000000000000% Jane. LOL