Five Years on WordPress

I received a notification reminding me that today is my fifth year anniversary. When I did some checking both on Twitter and on this platform, I noticed some things. First, I am not sure when it is exactly that I started my personal blog. On Twitter, I’ve tweeted about my anniversary on both November 12th and 14th on two different years. And this 2017, I was notified today which is November 13th. Moreover, I only have two anniversary posts here on WordPress. One was when I celebrated my first anniversary, and, according to my post, I was ecstatic about it. The only remaining one (until today) caught me at a rather difficult time but I was thankful to have this despite everything (and I still am, of course). Well, today I’m in the middle of both. My life is far from perfect but I’m feeling hopeful. It’s both amazing and terrifying thinking about what an entire year holds. But here we are and there’s more to come. Cheers!


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