Shared classes
Different years
You, wearing glasses
I, hiding fears

Somewhere I never
Was ever supposed to be
Life had again, however
Played its game with me

A sea of foreign faces
And it’s yours I saw
Cold as winter is
The ice began to thaw

Although already sure
Of another doomed end
Your question, innocent and pure
Was this lonely road’s bend

I was a figure all alone
In the row far back
Seated on an unsought throne
Subject for one lonely track

But that question asked
Brought a new cheer
Winter has passed
And spring is here

You made your way
To the farthest rank
Sat next to me that day
And gave me your thanks

I wanted to smile
To look straight to your eyes
But I got afraid while
I hurriedly said goodbye

Summer is leaving
It’s time to turn this sheet
Autumn will soon be coming
Will our hearts ever meet?


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