Living is rarely easy. It means suffering because of mistakes you didn’t make. It means accepting that there will always be times when you can do nothing about people and circumstances being unfair. It means enduring another blow when you’re still trying to get back up.

While it is true that the universe doesn’t owe anybody anything and that life is as beautiful and incredible as it is tragic and messy, there will always be days when nothing can make you the least bit happy. And I think that it’s okay. It’s okay to stop trying to find happiness once in a while. It’s okay to allow ourselves to wallow in our loneliness and pain. It’s okay to be sad and angry. It’s okay to not get over it and move on. It’s okay to feel and to be human.

And during these times when your ugly shows, when you’re a big mess, when you’re being difficult, I hope you have someone who still sees you for the amazing human being that you are. Someone who lets you be vulnerable and weak. Someone who doesn’t get uncomfortable with the stream of your tears and the whirlwind of your emotions. Someone who knows how to dance in your storm. Someone who understands the complexity of your character.

And while you’re waiting for this person to enter your life, try to be that someone to yourself. And be that someone to others, too.


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