On Suffering v2.0

Kaya mo pa ba?”

We all suffer. And often, our pain seems to linger. Even after so many days, so many months, so many years. Eventually, we get tired. We want so badly for it to end, but it seems like it never would. We cry out to the Lord to free us from all our burdens, to free us from the cross we carry. And when our prayers seem unheard, unanswered, we begin to doubt, to despair, to fall apart.

I guess it’s okay to feel this way. I guess it’s okay to allow ourselves to be human.

Even so, please know that the Lord sees everything. The pain we endure won’t ever be in vain. The Lord will reward our suffering. Maybe not now and not here, but in His own perfect time. More so, how can we ever follow Christ if we refuse to carry our cross?

All my life, I’ve been asking the Lord liberate me from my pain, from my suffering, from my cross. Today, I ask the Lord to give me the strength and the courage to carry my cross and to follow Him no matter how difficult, no matter how painful, no matter how long.

My suffering is my offering.

More of You and less of me.

Kaya mo pa ‘yan. Jesus loves you more than most.



Thank you for a wonderful mass, Fr. Hans. Right at the time when I needed it most.


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