Into the Wizarding World

Sitting at my office desk and bored to death, I didn’t know that I was a few moments away from embarking on the greatest adventure of my life.

I’ve known Harry Potter since high school. Hold your horses, my childhood didn’t particularly suck- it was actually a fun and simple Filipino childhood that I’m proud of. It’s just that it didn’t have anything to do with Harry Potter. To begin with, I wasn’t even into reading novels during my younger years. I was into reading but only trivia books (preferably with pictures) and short works like essays. Then again, just because I didn’t initially love reading novels doesn’t mean that I love it less than those who did. The same goes for Harry Potter.

Of course, I had peers who were solid fans ever since the beginning. The way they talk about it, it seemed utterly interesting. So I began catching up by seeing the films (which isn’t too difficult for a movie buff). To be more specific, I binge-watched the first five films then waited for the rest to be shown in theaters. Expectations were shattered and a new love was found. Then some months after I saw the last installment, I thought the flame died out. Maybe I wasn’t exactly a big fan after all. Nevertheless, during the height of my love for Harry Potter, I told myself that I would read the books. But apparently I didn’t read them right away. I guess I was afraid.

I was afraid because even after discovering my love for reading novels, I might not do well with series. Well, I’ve read The Hunger Games trilogy before. But that’s the only trilogy I’ve ever read. I was more into standalone novels- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Alchemist, and The Little Prince to mention a few. Anyway, my THG adventure is a whole different adventure (and it’s here). I was afraid that I wouldn’t like it much, and if I already started, I would feel obliged to finish the whole thing. And it’s seven books! The way I see it, deciding to read the series is a serious commitment that I can’t just break when I feel like I wanted to stop.

The moment I began, I realized how foolish I was to ever doubt. The moment I began, I knew it was the beginning of something good, something unforgettable, something beautiful.

What’s funny is that even after the seven books, eight films, three supplementary books, and Pottermore, I still can’t get enough. I want to read more, know more, discover more. I want to talk about it, to write about it, to dream about it.

In Harry Potter, I’ve found another world that isn’t only an escape but also a world which gave me a deeper and better understanding of the one I’m in.

Thank you, JK.


I intended to have an in-depth account of everything Harry Potter- largely consisting of my musings and my feelings. I even already prepared an outline of the characters I would like to talk about. However, due to recent realizations, I decided to put it off for some other time. I just figured that if I am going to make a thorough Harry Potter post, I wouldn’t want to it to be half-cooked. So I’m saving it up for a time when my head (as well as my life) is less of a wreck. I just want to give it my best, which I know I can’t give now.

Someone take me back to The Nook, please.



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