Random Post

This is nonsense but I feel like I have to type it down and kind of keep it so here you go. I had a dream last night. It seemed so real that when I woke up, I had to contemplate for a few seconds if it actually happened. Dreams can truly be like that sometimes. Everything is too ordinary for you to suspect that your mind just unconsciously made it all up. No dragons, no zombies, no superpowers. I usually have dreams about the most unusual things, but every once in a while, a dream like the one I had last night randomly occurs in my head. So anyway, what happened was that I was at the office where I used to work. I brought in a box which contains the new cellphone that I just bought for myself as a Christmas present. I was showing it to a friend when my crush (who works at the same office) walked up to me and said, “May, natanggap mo ba yung text ko?” Damn. And though it’s highly unlikely that such would transpire with my eyes wide open, it felt so real. It felt like everything was in place when, in fact, nothing was. For one, we are not allowed to bring electronic gadgets into the operations floor. I didn’t buy myself any Christmas present. My last day in that office was two days before Christmas so it would be impossible for me to be in the ops after the holidays. And most of all, my crush (whom I bet I’d never see again for the rest of eternity) doesn’t even know I exist. That left me dumbfounded for like five seconds after I woke up. But yes, it felt so good to be noticed by someone I find attractive and, of course, to finally have a new phone.

Yes, that’s about it.

I would be glad to know what that text message said, though. 😜

And if this ever means anything, I surely hope that it means I would get a dashing new phone. Really. 😄

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