Hiatus Update

About two-thirds of my 2015 was awful. I mean, there were good days. A lot of them actually. It just feels like I’ve lost a lot during the past year, most of which I haven’t gotten back just yet. There were things I’ve learned also, as always as every experience ought to teach us something. Maybe I just couldn’t appreciate them as much as their true worth because I haven’t figured out how much they’ve changed my life for the better, or should I say how much they would change my life along the process. I don’t think I can still post as often as I did before (which was not really that often anyway) but I’ll surely do when something comes up. Of course, I won’t let you go. You are my confidante. You allow me to breathe, and to bleed. You allow me to spill my thoughts even when there’s no actual person to spill them to, even when I only have myself. And for everything, for the past three years and the many next, thank you from the bottom of this broken-but-still-beating heart.

Further update (around 9:00 AM): FINALLY after so many months, I was able to update my reviews on RT. Though most of them are just one-liners, it still took me more than an hour maybe. There were about 30-40 films that I took care of earlier. Boy, I will never let it pile up that much again.

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