I could be bursting with hope and sunshine one moment
and be drowning in despair and uncertainty the next.

I sometimes see myself capable of doing great things
but there would always be times when the girl I see in the mirror
appears to be nothing more than just ordinary
and that scares me most.

I have longed for having a hand to hold, being lost in someone else’s eyes,
and falling madly, deeply, eagerly, completely in love,
yet I doubt if I would be capable of giving that much love
and accepting it.

There are days when I believe that the world is a beautiful place,
that people are truly good at heart, and that everyone has a great story to tell,
and there are days when I don’t.

I could believe that everything happens for a reason
and that it’s all part of an intricate plan,
details of a brilliant story that slowly unfolds.
Then again, I could  also believe that it’s all just pure randomness,
that it’s not supposed to make sense,
and it won’t.

I could be exactly like the sea
because the sea that keeps the ship afloat
is also the sea that can tear it apart
and sink it to the depths.

And what I just realized is that
it doesn’t matter which proves to be true
because I guess I would never really know.
What matters is which I choose to believe
and to make my reality.


I am a mixture of tragedy and prosperity, of the gentleness of the summer breeze and the harsh coldness of winter, of falling down and standing back up.



Still on hiatus

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