Mirror, Mirror

Warning: Suicide trigger

When you look into the mirror
What do you see?

Eyes red from an eternal weep
Dry lips sealing secrets deep
Do they betray the darkness you keep?
The longing for never-ending sleep

What do you do when you’ve hit the wall?
How do you plan to take the fall?
Is this how it feels to lose it all?
No one to turn to and no one to call

Here’s to her who wanted to die
She’s not fine, she cannot lie
Drowning deep when she wanted to fly
Will she ever reach the sky?

A gun to the head
Pills all over the bed
Rope necklace for the dead
Maybe get the razor instead

But before she’s completely gone
Like Icarus too close to the sun
Maybe something can be done
To save the hopeless, helpless one

Open your eyes wide
Look closer, deeper inside
Try harder to turn the tide
For the girl who wished she died

When you look into the mirror
Who do you see?
A girl whose life is due
Or a girl to rescue?

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