So Long


So, how are you feeling today? How are you feeling lately? I never got the chance to actually know how you felt. I never knew when you felt happy, when you felt overwhelmed by deadlines and exams, when you felt sad, when you felt empty. I never knew when you spent an entire night without sleep. I never knew what makes you smile, what you eat and don’t eat, what your favorite color is. I never knew how you see life. It seems like only yesterday when I first saw you. I used to think that I had plenty of time and that I would get there before it would all be over. But time flies so fast, and I wasn’t able to catch up. Then again, maybe I can never really get to you even if I had all the time in the world.

I’m hoping you’ll get a job that you’ll love. I hope that you’ll enjoy your every moment as you begin your new chapter. I hope you make new friends at work. It doesn’t matter how many. What matters is how true. I hope you go places. I hope you see new things. Feel more. Experience. I hope you find happiness wherever life leads you. I hope you fall in love. With people, with places, with ideas.

I’m not sure if I hate to see you go. But maybe your absence will be my closure- the adieu to the feelings I was never able to set free, feelings that would probably never be given back anyway. We never really had the chance to actually get to know each other. And I don’t even know if you would’ve wanted to. I’d love to know though even if the truth isn’t what I’ve always wanted to hear.

I don’t have much to miss, but I’ll miss you anyway. And maybe when we meet each other again, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me anymore.

So long.

I promise this is going to be the last.

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