Without a Hero

We all have our heroes- those to whom we cling to, the people we look up to, the personages we hope to come and save the day. But I guess there always comes a time when our heroes would fail to catch us when we fall. Worse, our heroes to whom we have always held on to become the very same ones to crush us to the core. Maybe it’s because beneath the mask, under the cape, behind everything they have that we have always adored, they are just humans. In the deeper layer of their seemingly impenetrable surface, they are just as fragile and as vulnerable as we are. Because heroes don’t always win. Because even heroes die. Because heroes can become villains. Because maybe, just like everybody else, heroes need saving, too. It pains me to watch my hero burn and slowly turn into everything he said he would never be. I forgive you, but I guess I would just have to do without a hero.

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