In Memoriam: Fallen 44

To the lionhearted men who looked death straight into the eye and gallantly offered their lives, thank you for your great sacrifice. The entire Filipino nation has been immensely disheartened to hear of your passing. I cannot imagine how miserable it must be for all those who have known you personally most especially your family and friends. No words would suffice to ease their suffering. Only time and justice can mend the wounds that this tragedy has caused. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Fallen 44, to the rebels who suffered the same tragic fate, and to all the people left who are bound to live with the pain. Many people die everyday for causes that would always be difficult to understand, for reasons that never seem to make any sense. The world can be unpleasant most of the time, but the hope that it’s going to become better springs from people who never stopped believing that it would.


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