Life is Beautiful

Last Sunday afternoon, I was just lying in bed with my eyes closed and ears open to the sweet music playing. Then suddenly, I heard that one song; the song that transported me back to one of the most beautiful moments in my life. It was I Saw Her Standing There. I cannot quite remember what year it was. Perhaps in my second or third year in college. I was walking towards a church. This church was big, grand. Many people come to offer their prayers, especially on Wednesdays. Before reaching the actual church, you would have to walk some meters from the gate. With every step towards the church, there is serenity. It’s just you, the trees standing still, and silence. Of course, there would always be people. Some just intend to sit and think, some just want to marvel at the grandeur of the church, and some look for answers, for God, for forgiveness. I cannot remember what brought me there, but what’s important is that I was. Because as I was getting nearer, I heard it playing. That song. That Beatles song. And as I turned my head, I saw that it was coming from an old radio strapped on a bicycle. And it was driven by an old man with a young boy sitting behind him. This moment was inevitable. Everything in my life led me to that exact time at that particular place. It wasn’t just coincidence, it was fate. It was written. The leaves falling, the church, the silence which was broken by a good old tune, a man riding towards his life’s finish line and a boy who just got started both in the same bicycle, and me. It was all meant to be, isn’t it? Beautiful moments do happen, and they are even more beautiful when you never see them coming. I am not quite sure what to make of it, and I don’t think I’d like to make much of it. I just want to soak in its pure beauty. It’s simple. Life is simple, and it’s beautiful. When the euphoria was gone, all that was left was the memory. It lasted only for a few seconds, five seconds tops. But those few seconds made me feel more alive than many years of doing the same thing over and over again, of living according to what the society expects of me, of trying to please people I don’t even like, of chasing after my twisted notion of happiness. Those few seconds allowed me to see the beauty of life in the simplest of things. Those few seconds made me realize that the essence of living is in those precious little moments. Those few seconds taught me that all it takes is the perfect song at the time when all the walls you’ve built up are torn down, when you are not wearing masks, when your heart is open and unguarded. And during those few seconds, boy, I felt glad to be alive.

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