What We’re Like

Have you ever heard
Of how mathematics
Tells the saddest love stories?

Of the perpendicular lines
That met once
Then never again?

Of the parallel lines
That are exactly like the other
But won’t ever meet?

Or of the asymptote
That can come so close
Yet can never touch the curve?

I just thought that maybe
What we’re like
Is one of those three.

Are we perpendicular lines?
We shared a moment,
A little chance,
A point in the vast, unending plane.
Our stars crossed.
And we let it just pass us by.

Maybe not.
Maybe I saw you,
The probability of us,
The what-could-be.
And maybe
You just didn’t
See what I saw
And still see.
Maybe we just
Never really met.

Maybe we’re like parallel lines.
There are so many things
We could share
Only if the odds
Were on our side.
The common factor
Is so significant
That it can simplify
The entire equation.

Then again, maybe not.
Maybe it was just me
Thinking that we are
On the same page.
Or maybe we are
On the same page
But of different books.

I guess I’m an asymptote then
And you are the curve.
I fight hard
Every single day
Just to get
A little bit closer.
But I guess
I can never really
Get to you,
Can I?

But maybe you
Are the asymptote
And I am the curve.
You just can’t
Make the connection.
Or maybe
You don’t want to.

Maybe what we’re like
Is a summation
Of the three
Math love stories.
We’re perpendicular lines
Whose destinies
We’re parallel lines
And we’re also a pair of
A curve and its asymptote.
Because in infinity,
We’re bound to get there
And finally touch
Each other’s hand.

Or maybe,
Just maybe,
It’s not about
After all.

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