Darkness envelops
this side of the earth.
Slowly. Inevitably.

Eyelids turn heavy.
Blankets are unfolded.
Bodies lie back
against the cushion
that has patiently waited
all day long.

In the midst
of the silence
that ensues,
I can hear nothing
but the beating
of my lonely heart
and the weeping
of my weary soul.

It is in this time
that all the heaviness
can be exhaled
with much ease.
As no eye would see.
No ear would perceive.
No one would judge.

My fingers run
through every key
that allows me
to weave my thoughts
into words.
Words that probably
would make no sense
to anybody
other than me.

As I deny my body
the opportunity
to recover its strength,
I grant my soul
the chance
to breathe
to bleed
in the only way
it knows how.

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