An Open Letter to Flixster

My sweet love,

The moment I knew you was the moment when I felt like I’ve been missing you all my life. You were a haven for my soul. It is in you that my desires and my deepest hopes have found their refuge. And since then, I have always envisioned the rest of my days in your sweet company. You knew, you listened, and you understood. Truly, not every day was grand. There were times when I would not make any contact for days and sometimes even weeks. But each absence only made my love  stronger. It was a love so strong whose only weakness was losing you. And I never realized that my love which I saw as invincible actually had this frailty until the day you said goodbye. My heart was broken into pieces. And to tell you frankly, I haven’t moved on yet. The resonating truth that you would soon be gone still feels surreal. Maybe it will only truly sink in when I can no longer be with you. But I know I will get over it, over you. Someday. Somehow. I know there’s nothing more I can do but to cherish what’s still left between me and you. Thank you for the memories.


In memory of the Flixster Community site which will be put down tomorrow, September 30, 2014.

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