Glenda Told Me

Last week or the week before last week, a typhoon that blew strong winds hit. Typhoon Glenda’s effect wasn’t only just uprooted trees and damaged homes. It also caused jammed signals and electricity cutoffs most especially in our part of the country. We endured about three days of no electricity, and others had to put up with the loss of power for an even longer time. Surely, it was nothing compared to what  the victims, or should I say survivors, of the Typhoon Yolanda had to go through. But being deprived of something I was used to always having made me think.

It’s sad how taking things for granted seems to be human nature. We never appreciate and embrace enough the things and even people we have until after they’re gone. We live the entirety of our lives in the comfort of their presence, and as it goes, they all just blur into the background. It isn’t until after they’re gone, or after they leave, that we realize how crippled our life becomes.

This is the truth we often fail to acknowledge: nothing is ever meant to last. We are bound to lose everything. Maybe we’ll have it for a short while then never again. Maybe it’ll be there from time to time but never always. Maybe it’ll enter our lives and stay for what seems like forever but really isn’t. The thing is while they are here, while we can still call them ours, let us make the most out of every moment. Let us be thankful and never hold back in showing what’s inside our minds and our hearts.

For now, I’ll try my best to grasp what I have tight enough to savor the moment and loose enough to let it go when it should.

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