Change: The Dark Side

Whenever “change” comes in mind, I immediately think of the little money left after I make my payment. Okay, that wasn’t funny. Kidding aside, “change” makes me think of new opportunities, exciting and promising beginnings, and everything becoming better. While it is true that change often makes people grow, it is not simply a line with a positive slope that smoothly goes all the way up. The process of growth is truly painful to say the least. Along the way, you would lose things and even people you have deeply loved. You would be forced to stick with what’s left, and with what’s being handed over. There are many days when you would feel lost, alone, and out of place. There are times when you would wish to turn back time and return to what once was, when you would want to go back to the good old days. There are moments when you would realize the worth of what you had, and it will break your heart every single time. However, when change has come, let go of fear, regret, and doubt. Embrace it with all your heart and soul. It is never going to be easy. Nothing ever is. It is all up to you if it’s going to be worth it. Make it worth everything.

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