Falling For Someone You Can Never Have

As you keep on swimming, you come across tunas, clownfishes, seahorses, and even sharks. Surely, each of them has something that sets them apart from the rest. There is something about each of them that interests you, makes you wonder, or maybe scares or bothers you. But you don’t really notice. Or maybe you just don’t really care. In the end, they are all just the same. You are all just the same. Keeping on swimming. Getting through your every day. Sometimes not even knowing why you keep swimming. And then something happens. Something magical. And maybe something that would soon be tragic. When you try to look away, to shake the vision off your head, the clearer the picture becomes. And you just wake up one day and realize that he’s all you ever think about- the merman you just found.

Maybe it’s the way he smiles. Maybe the way he purses his lips. Maybe the way he sits in one corner and gets all your attention without even trying. You don’t know what it is but there’s something about him that makes you stare, that makes him stick to your thoughts, that makes you want him so much and you don’t even know why. And it’s funny how you think you have found a merman in this creature who appears to be just another ordinary inhabitant of this vast ocean in the eyes of the rest.

Mere admiration grows into some sort of infatuation. Then it turns to desperation. And ultimately, it breaks your heart. That’s the thing about wanting someone you can never have. It’s the same process over and over again. And it isn’t even the first time. He is not your first merman, and he isn’t going to be the last. In the bigger picture, you always mistakenly see some random guy as a dashing merman when the truth is, similar to the rest of the other guys you saw as your merman, he is just another big, fat manatee.

But it happens, and it keeps on happening. Not just twice. Not thrice. You actually have already lost count. But it always ends up like this. Is it some kind of a curse or something- growing fond of a merman who would never see you as his mermaid or would never even see you at all, falling for someone you know you can never have? Maybe not. Maybe it’s just the easier way. Maybe because a love never given back is a kind of heartbreak you can easily recover from, because you can never lose something you never had.

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