Frozen Feels

Note: Yes, there are spoilers.

It has been months since I saw Frozen but unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog about it at a time sooner than now. Better late than never. Let’s get started.

Being Frozen’s main attraction, Elsa is not your typical Disney princess. To begin with, she only was a princess for the first few minutes of the film and then she took on the throne as Arendelle’s queen. What I like most about Elsa is her vulnerability. Despite the great power she possesses, fear always got the better of her. She felt like she had no control over her power, and this power she sees as curse. Elsa’s genuine concern for Anna which forced her to close her doors and to not let anybody in, even and most especially her sister, was both sad and heroic. She was actually admirable for being brave enough to choose a lifetime of loneliness if it means being able to keep her sister safe from her extraordinary and oftentimes uncontrollable gift. Elsa may have been afraid, sad, and lonely, but she never became the monster that many have mistaken her to be. And though she isn’t the first one, she again proved that a woman does not need a man. She woke us up from our daydreams of love at first sight, and singing and dancing in synchronicity with our prince charming. Yes, Elsa is the ultimate Snow Queen. But her true strength lies in her capacity to love insofar that she is willing to obscure her great potential and just be the person everybody expects her to be even if she is the one who gets hurt the most in the process.

While the complexity of Elsa’s character brought maturity to the film, it was Anna who gave hope and sunshine. Anna actually is my favorite character because Anna is the kind of person we all need in our lives. We need someone who is always there to listen, to forgive, and to understand even if everything is too vague and too difficult. We need someone who is always ready to bring laughter and warmth even in the darkest hours. And we need someone who will never give up on us most especially when we have already given up on ourselves. Anna is the classic bouncy Disney princess on the outside. But on the inside, Anna is a truly strong and courageous soul who would never stop loving Elsa the best way that she knows how even after she has pushed her away.

Aside from Anna and Elsa, a whole bunch of varying characters who are unique and lovable in their own ways also added charm to the best animated film of 2013. Frozen gave us the cutie-patootie trolls who can play matchmaker, the endearing Olaf, and the reliable Sven. Of course, that excludes you, Hans. You liar.

Many things set Frozen apart from the sea of animated films out there. The story surely was something. The world, of course, knew that it was about sisterhood and family. But the world also probably expected true love’s first kiss, weddings, couples, and silly love songs. Well, there were some bits of those except for the wedding part. But it didn’t dwell too much on the whole romance thing. Frozen shows us how often we may have failed to see true love because true love does not always have to be romantic. Aside from the brilliant story, the music was also over the top. Perhaps Frozen’s best asset, the songs managed to find their way from the recording studio to the listeners’ hearts. Thanks to the superb songwriting and the amazing voices especially that of Idina Menzel.

And, yes, Frozen has touched me on a personal level because I am not too different from Elsa. There were things I feared greatly, and there were many days when I tried to not let them win. But then, I realized that bad things happen and they do for a reason. I need not to be afraid as long as I know how to let go and to move forward. And the moment I am able to face my biggest fears will also be the moment when those fears would lose their power over me. I am not perfect and I do not need to be.

Okay, bye.

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