It Ends Tonight

Those days when I was yearning for your presence, for having conversations with you, for celebrating something we found only in each other- they still linger in my memory. I can still remember how I tried so hard to keep the strings connected despite the inevitable parting of our ways when we needed to take separate roads. I held on tight to the one thing that bound us together. But everything I did wasn’t enough to make it work. What we had slipped away from my fingertips. Slowly. Painfully. No matter how much I wanted to preserve the friendship we have created, what we have discovered when we found each other, it appeared to be something that was never meant to last. There were many days when I missed you. I too often wished I could go back to the times when I had you by my side and stay there forever. I always thought that I would be empty without you. I needed you. But what I felt during those moments of helplessly longing for you now appears to be too distant. My vain hopes of having conversations with you on the one thing we truly loved once again had seen the end. When you tried to reach out, it felt different. I didn’t feel wholly connected to you anymore. I just woke up one day and realized that I no longer miss you, I no longer need you. Thank you for the good times and the friendship, but I guess I can get by on my own from now on.

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