An Inconvenient Truth: A Review

Amidst the multitudes of problems mankind is battling today, terrorism and poverty among many others, the 2006 documentary feature An Inconvenient Truth focuses the world’s attention on one problem that, as believed by United States Senator Al Gore, has not been given enough consideration- global warming.

Using various metaphors to make people understand the situation at hand, Gore steers the wheel to take the rest of the world on a journey that appeals to a person’s consciousness, showing how serious the global warming issue is and calling for long-term and sustainable actions that would turn the tables. With the world’s ignorance and apathy, the destruction of the earth is a sure destination. But with never-ending and effective dissemination of proper information along with utmost dedication to lay down feasible solutions, a planet approaching its own doom can still be rescued.

Gore’s personal experiences are interwoven with the scientific studies on the global warming issue. This proves to be a good move for a number of reasons. For one, it shows how directly connected a person’s own sufferings are to that of the world’s. It gives a sense of humanity to the subject as the earth is not merely among the many planets in the universe but is, in fact, mankind’s own and only home. Global warming is a serious plight demanding the attention and care not only of scientists and politicians but also of the rest of the world.

Time has already run out. Disasters have already shaken the human race to the core. Cities were destroyed, lives were taken. Should we keep on sitting down, wondering what calamity would hit us hard next, and waiting for miracles to come and save us? Or should we start making our own miracles and redeem our own selves? The choice has long been ours. It has always been.

We are capable of ruining things. We are also capable of fixing them. Let us take every opportunity to turn things around and make everything right. Every act, every endeavor to save the earth matters regardless how small and insignificant they may seem. We have power far greater than we imagined.

An Inconvenient Truth may not be so much of a gem technically speaking as its direction, editing and cinematography are not incredibly great. However, An Inconvenient Truth undeniably is a precious piece in this colossal puzzle of delivering the earth from total ruin. An Inconvenient Truth is anything but something to ignore.

I found the time and the urge to make this because it was an assignment for my Environmental Engineering subject.

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