Why Valentine’s Day is For Everyone

Most of those (well, us) who belong to the “single” population have this natural disdain for Valentine’s Day. We despise that time of the year when romance is felt all around, when people who have found love are celebrating their bond. Why? For one, display of romantic affection, when overdone, is somehow irritating. But the even deeper reason why we are not so enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day is because we feel like it isn’t for us, like we don’t belong to this celebration. However, I think it is for all of us- the lover, the beloved, and the unloved. Valentine’s Day is a day not only for those who bathe in the splendor of romantic love but also for those who have nobody to share it with. While couples crowd the fanciest restaurants, while lovers search for the best gifts, and while the loved savor all the affection showered upon them, the unloved are reminded of something they are missing. And this reminder, most often than not, is painful. But sadness and solitude, they are beautiful. They are not any less beautiful than having someone to hold, than experiencing romance, than being in love. And solitude does not always come with sadness. If one masters the art of making the most out of his freedom from the grasp of romantic love, what he would find is peace and a better understanding of himself. What is inferior to these things is apathy, and it is something we should make no room for. Not everybody may have such a happy Valentine’s Day, but everyone surely does own one. And we, the single ones, have the rest of the year to show those who are in a relationship how happy and how healthy being alone can sometimes be.

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