Time killer. Drawing what this Friday was all about while charging my phone at the Samsung Service Center.

I always had Saturday classes (except for maybe one semester) so I rarely feel that “TGIF” vibe. This semester, the last day of my exams fell on a Friday so, yes, the Friday yesterday was a TGIF kind of Friday. Though I know that I did so bad in my exams, I felt relieved that everything was at last over. Well, not really. But at least for a moment, they were.  I found it imperative to take time to talk to Him, to thank Him, and to surrender everything to His will. Then, I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street. Just putting it out there, I arrived too early, more than three hours early. The lady who sold me the ticket even thought that I was under 16 (because the film was rated R-16). I told her that I’m 18 and that I’m already in college. She smiled and told me not to remove my uniform and ID. It’s because I’m short, isn’t it? Anyway, it was a great film. Kudos to Martin Scorsese and, of course, to my darling Leo DiCaprio. Oh, and Jean Dujardin once again charmed me with his tantalizing eyes and bewitching smile. The Wolf of Wall Street was a pretty bold, a somewhat unorthodox, and an overall excellent film. That was everything I needed to make me feel alive and happy again- a good film. I also signed up for an E-Tap card. It is a reloadable prepaid card where I can store money when I have some so that I can still go to see movies at times when I’m short of cash. Moreover, whenever I watch movies and buy from their snack booth, I will receive corresponding points which I can exchange for freebies. And they gave me free caramel popcorn. Yay! TGIF.

It was also once again proven that any kind of food would taste a thousand times better when you are hungry. I ordered the typical one-piece chicken meal at KFC plus a cream of mushroom soup. Of course, fast food chicken always tastes good. At least for me, they do. But yesterday’s meal was different. It felt like heaven. And never forget the oh-so delectable cream of mushroom soup which is a personal favorite. Just wow.

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