A Truly Merry Christmas

After years of being bruised, tested, and scarred to the core, this year’s Christmas season is nothing less than a celebration of life, family, love and hope that shone through the dark and challenging times. At this moment of our lives, for the first time after so long, I felt as if hope is not simply an illusion, that the sun will soon shine brightly upon us once again, that everything is starting to get better. Truly, nothing feels as magnificent as being at the top. However, nothing can ever beat that gratifying and humbling moment when you start to rise up after stumbling down, knowing that you are redeemed and that with the brand new step you are to take, you have grown wiser, stronger, and better. This may not be the Christmas when we had the most materially, but this is the Christmas, beyond all doubt, when I felt so full spiritually. Thank You, Lord. My cup overflows.

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