I See You

The mere glimpse of his pale face brightens up my usually dismal and dull day. He is my favorite sight, my beloved scene. While he is actually nothing more than a single soul among billions of others drifting on the unfathomable ocean of endless possibilities and uncertainties, what my eyes could see is such a magnificent creation whose true worth is beyond measure and whom the heaven was kind enough to bestow upon this world. I do not know when it really started, how it came to be, and why him. All I know is that it is happening, and that it is all about him. However, if you, my dear reader, is thinking that unintentionally excavating a hole into my own heart which only he could fill is great joy, then, dear reader, you thought wrong. While there is this funny sensation I could feel racing through my veins whenever I take a look at him or whenever I hear his name, there is also this desolate and somber vibe that chokes my heart. Because, in the deepest portion of my soul, I know that all I could do is stare. So tell me, boy, when you catch a glimpse of me, what do you see?


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