A Flicker of Hope

Note: This article  was written as the editorial for our team’s newsletter in a contest held during the first semester of AY 2012-2013 for the students currently taking up Technical Communication at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as organized by the College of Liberal Arts, and I was able to keep the draft because I wrote it at the back of my Differential Calculus notebook. The topic given was regarding the appointment of  Sereno as the newest Chief Justice of the Philippines after Corona’s impeachment. Luckily, our newsletter we called “The Echo” won first runner-up at the said competition.

After the dark days of Corona’s impeachment trial, new hopes to regain public trust in the judiciary began to flourish as the former Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno assumed office as the country’s newest Chief Justice. Under her leadership, the Supreme Court, once soiled by abuse of power, takes on its journey to redeem its dignity and credibility.

Being the second youngest and first female Chief Magistrate, her historical appointment marks the new era in the Supreme Court. Sereno has become the symbol  of change to the cleanse the justice system stained by the former Chief Justice’s vile efforts to protect former President Arroyo from every prosecution.

Despite the many strong contenders for the position, Sereno appears to be one of the best picks,  if not really the best. A lot more than her two years of service in the high court, her dissenting opinion dated December 13, 2011 that reflected her strong resistance to corruption, her openness to the Court’s own shortcomings, and her willingness to improve the system are all more than enough to assure the nation of a judiciary that truly upholds truth and justice.

To see the court as an independent body efficiently taking on its role in the society has only been an unreachable dream in the past. With Sereno’s appointment, this dream is gradually turning into reality. Though the process of fixing and improving the system would not happen in a blink of an eye, Sereno proves to be carrying out reforms that would save the Supreme Court from totally drowning in the pit of dirty politics.

Amidst the image not only of the Court  but of the entire government as a failed attempt to serve the people well, Sereno brought a flicker of hope that it may not yet be too late.

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