Erik, or the famed Phantom of the Opera, would always be one of my favorite persons even if he does not exist in the world we live in. Actually, most, if not really all, of my favorite persons are just figments of some genius’ imagination. Talking about Erik, I have not been that deep in touch with him because I haven’t read the book yet. While reading the book still remains a necessity, I think seeing the film would be quite enough to say that I really do adore him. The 1925 film adaptation and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical greatly overshadowed the book. However, what I only saw of The Phantom of the Opera was the critically reprehended 2004 film. This latest film version was adapted from Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece so it felt as if I’ve been a part of that celebrated musical as well. Though most critics loathed the The Phantom of the Opera 2004, I must say that it is and would always be among my favorite films. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s haunting music alone was more than enough. And I honestly liked Gerard Butler’s performance despite the many criticisms. Emmy Rossum was flawless. But since I intend to talk about my beloved Erik, I do not wish to dig deeper into the whole picture. I am not used to calling him Erik though because he was simply referred to as The Phantom in the only adaptation I have seen but I think it would be better to call him by his name. There are many things that I love about him. His musical genius is beyond compare. His courage to overcome his obsession over someone who was never meant for him and to let go required a lot more than just great strength of character and spirit. This goodness of heart was not, and must not even be, expected of someone to whom the world showed no compassion. But in the end, it was this virtue that prevailed. And if there is someone who I am most certain is capable of true love, that must be Erik. To let go yet to still love until the very end. Whenever I remember that rose by the grave, Erik’s tragedy always seems to haunt me. And his sadness, it was beautiful. Erik may have never existed in the world of men, but he lives on in my heart and in my soul.


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera musical had a world tour wherein the Philippines was one of its destinations yet lack of funds denied me the simple pleasure of watching the musical I have always loved. Oh, how my poor heart cries in vain.

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