Purple Thumb (Index Finger, Actually)


“Pilipino ako kaya makikialam ako.”

Yesterday, May 13, Monday, was not only my mother’s 45th birthday. It was also the Philippines’ Election Day for senatorial and local positions. It was technically yesterday but it was actually just hours ago. I must say that I have been looking forward to this day for so long. I have long been awaiting the day when the power to choose the leaders this country truly deserves would be vested upon me. And as this fated day came, I made sure that the years of waiting would not be put to waste. At least not by my own self. Out of over thirty candidates for senator, the voters were to elect twelve and I gave not only my vote but also my hopes and aspirations for this country to seven senatorial hopefuls. And most of them would hardly make it to the top twelve (as the canvassing of ballots is still ongoing but it is almost over so it’s safe to say that they really didn’t make it). It really is disappointing and depressing how incapable but widely popular candidates always emerge as victors. What could I do? The people have spoken. But I really wish I could do something. I voted for a governor, a vice-governor (though I found this one hard and it’s up to you to wonder why), a congressman, a board member though I could vote for two, a party-list, our mayor though nobody went against him, a vice-mayor, and a councilor though I could go for eight. I just want to point out that I may not vote for our mayor if I had not believed in him despite the fact that he would still be the mayor come what may. But, yes, I did. My votes were mainly influenced by the candidates’ capabilities to effectively do their duties in accordance with The Constitution, their credibility, and their priorities. I prayed hard not only for me to vote wisely and with dignity but for the entire Filipino people to put into position those who are truly deserving. At the end of the day, whatever the results turn out to be, I could proudly say that I am going to bed with a clear conscience because I know that I haven’t only done my part, but I’ve done it well. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!


To those I voted and won, congratulations and may you continue to serve your countrymen with wisdom and dignity.

To those I voted but lost, your battle does not end here. Every vote you got corresponds to a soul that believes in you. You could still serve the country without the title. And we know that our votes were never wasted because they were for the people who were worth all of it.

To those I didn’t trust enough with my vote but won anyway, please prove me wrong.

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