Tonight and Tomorrow

It is again one of those nights when you feel hopeless, alone, and abandoned. But maybe you don’t just feel it. Maybe because you really are. You have been here before. You have been here many times. You have been here a little too often for somebody so young and so fragile. Yet, you have been here. And tonight, try not to be strong, to be hopeful, to be faithful. Let go of everything. Because you are too tired. Because you cannot hold on any longer. Because everything has let go of you. Tonight, you do not need to keep on fighting for somebody. For anybody. Tonight, you should give up. For yourself. Listen to your heart of glass being shattered into millions of pieces. And do not attempt to put them back together. You would only hurt yourself more. The pieces of broken glass would run smoothly on your skin, cutting it open. And the pain it inflicts goes too deep to injure your soul. Rather, let them be. Let it be. Cry. Cry your heart out. Cry until no more tears are left to come flowing down your pale cheeks. Hate. Hate because the world is so cruel. Because everybody is cruel. Because nobody truly loves. Because nobody truly loves you. Let the world take away your gentleness. Let it turn your once fragile glass heart into stone. Let them numb you with the pain. Let them get the better of you. Let them make you one of them. Let them transform you into a monster who knows nothing about love. Just let them. Let them. Savor the pain, the anguish, the resentment tonight. Do not dare run away from your demons tonight. Succumb to darkness. Tonight. Just let it be tonight. Because tomorrow, you need to stand up again. Because that’s what you do when tomorrow comes. You always get up. No matter how bruised you are, you continue on tomorrow. Because tomorrow is another day. Because tomorrow, you show them that you are invincible. Because tomorrow, you rise from the ashes. Because tomorrow might be better. Because tomorrow might be the day you have long been waiting for. Because tomorrow, you might be fixed. Because tomorrow, you might be saved. Or maybe because tomorrow, you might save yourself. And maybe, just maybe, you would be burned down again at night. But tomorrow keeps coming. So you stand up again.

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