Easter Thought


“The Lord has risen!”

We once again celebrate Easter Sunday. It reminds us of that fateful third day when Jesus Christ, our Lord, triumphed over sin and death. After all those persecutions, disbelief, taunting, temptations, and heartbreaks, He fulfilled the Will of the Father and cleansed mankind from the stain of sin. I find this a very humbling act of unconditional love. God, the King of Kings, the Lord of all, sent His only Son to suffer for the people who were never worth any of it. Who are we for Him to do as much as this? Who are we to be saved? Who are we to be redeemed? Who are we to be loved? But He saved us. He redeemed our helpless souls. He loved us. And He still does. And He always will. But every waking moment, we always stumble and fall. We get lost like poor lambs in an unfamiliar forest. Or worse, we sometimes choose to run away. Getting lost, it happens. It happens a lot. Even running away. That happens a lot, too. Maybe a little lot more. But we’ll soon be found.  He’ll find us. Maybe because we are worth finding. Maybe because He made us worth it.

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