Singing Their Way Into My Heart

Today, Glee ran for approximately two hours to feature two episodes: Props and Nationals. Being in its third season, I cannot deny that today’s two episodes are, by far, the best they ever did.

When Rachel started singing “I Won’t Give Up” as an opening for Props, I was already deeply moved. I can feel the pain of living and fighting for a dream all your life then waking up one day and realizing that it’s dead. What’s even more compelling is how Rachel rose from the ashes and went on pursuing the only thing she wanted from the very start. Also, Tina getting tired of being in the background and wanting to be in the spotlight even once broke my heart as well. But I was really touched when Tina chose to do what’s best for everybody and how she was there for Rachel when she needed not only a friend but more like a savior. Puck’s struggle also pinched my heart. I could really feel his pain. But it’s really nice to see Beiste being there for him especially when he needed somebody the most. I cannot help but be glad to see two shattered souls be each other’s redemption particularly when all they needed was someone to be there for them.

The intense emotions stirred by Props episode were, fortunately, rapidly followed by Nationals episode. Surprisingly, it’s the first time I was very excited to see Glee because I wanted to witness everything Glee club has worked hard for in a span of three years and not because I wanted to see Jesse St. James though I knew that he’d be in that episode. I must say that this is their most rewarding episode ever. I was on the verge of tears after knowing that everything they’ve been through for three years already paid off. It’s not only about Mr. Schue, Rachel or the New Directions. It’s about me as well. You see, Glee has this way of letting their audience be a part of everything especially those who have been there from the start. And Nationals episode is nothing less than the best way to wrap things up with New Direction’s performance of Queen’s timeless masterpiece before the much awaited season finale.

Glee has been a huge part of my life, and it will always be. The story and the characters may not be real, but how they made me feel is. And for me, that will always be more than enough.

Originally published on May 16, 2012, 7:55 P.M. via Tumblr

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