The only permanent thing in this world is change. You don’t have to travel through time, reach distant lands or meet many people to notice it. You just have to look into yourself and realize that it’s happening everyday. Change is not a bad thing. It makes us grow. What’s terrifying at times is that through all the changes, you somehow lose grip of who you really are. We get trapped in the oblivion of not knowing what we really want, what we truly hope for, even what we actually believe. We can hear many voices inside our heads,and we forget which one is ours. At this stage of my life, I admit that I’m still lost in the many possibilities, many realities that await me. I’m still not sure of what my heart truly desires, what it really fears, of who I really am. But amidst all these uncertainties in life, there’s one thing I’m sure of: I’m in love with movies.

Movies tell stories. They put us in someone else’s shoes, bring us to worlds we never even imagined, show us things we never knew existed, take us to another universe, let us experience feelings and emotions we might never feel as we go back to our reality. They can make us witnesses of how a boy turns into a man, how a gentle soul becomes a heartless villain, how even the purest love is not meant to be. And the heaven is kind enough to bestow upon mankind such a magnificence whose true worth is way beyond measure.

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