Be Your Own Savior

All of us go through trying times occasionally. And most of us, if not everyone, have heard of or have been told even just once that everything will be eventually okay. In a cold and cruel world blessed with heaven-sent people who manage to inspire others with their words, deeds and their lives, we can never erase the fact that there’s still this fear whispering that what if it’s not meant to be okay? What if we really are bound to end up miserably? What if it’s the end of the road for us? It’s funny that I can’t help feeling this hopeless though I’ve been moved by uplifting words countless of times and I’ve even written a long text post about the beauty in defeats and why such downfalls are not really there to break us but rather to make us conquer the person we once were. The truth is it’s really going to be better. What happens today, even if it seems unbearable, contributes to making a tomorrow that is beyond our wishes, beyond our desires, beyond our imagination. It’s just so damn hard to believe in a beautiful tomorrow when you’re living in a wretched today. What’s worse is that not a single soul is there to constantly remind you that things will get better, or to assure you of their affection whatever tomorrow brings. It isn’t easy but sometimes you have to be your own savior.

Originally published on September 10, 2012, 9:08 P.M. via Tumblr

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